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The DePaul Adult Bridge Program offers adult students a unique learning experience.  The program offers adult students, 24 years and older, a unique learning experience that couples resources from DePaul University’s School for New Learning and City Colleges of Chicago, allowing students an opportunity to experience the university environment.

Students can complete their first years of course work at the City Colleges of Chicago then seamlessly transfer their CCC credits towards a bachelor’s degree at DePaul’s School for New Learning. In addition, CCC students can benefit from many of DePaul’s services before they transfer, including:

* Earn credit towards a bachelor’s degree (through DePaul’s School for New Learning) while earning an associate’s degree
* Experience team-taught courses by CCC and DePaul faculty
* Access DePaul libraries and computer labs
* Receive onsite DePaul SNL advising while at CCC
* Receive newsletters and emails to stay updated and informed on CCC-DePaul Adult Bridge Program information
* DePaul University’s School for New Learning (SNL) is a bachelor of arts degree program specifically designed for adults 24 years and older.

SNL offers students the opportunity to earn college credit for learning from work and life experience.

For more information about the Adult Bridge Program, please contact: .

Dr. Susan McGury
Co-Director, Adult Bridge Program
(312) 362-6736

Shannon Stone-Winding
Program Coordinator
(312) 362-5193

For additional information about the Adult Bridge Program at Truman College, contact:

Monica de Asa Lopez, M.Ed.
College Advisor
Harry S Truman College – One of the City Colleges of Chicago
Larry McKeon Student Services Building – Room 118
1145 W. Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL  60640
Phone: 773-907-4712
Fax: 773-506-3855

Dr. Anghesom Atsbaha
Co-Director, Adult Bridge Program
(773) 907-4067

Tina Igbinosa
Truman College Advisor
(773) 907-4490

For additional information about the Adult Bridge Program at Wright College, contact:

Susan Calabrese
Director of the Transfer Center
Wilbur Wright College-One of the City Colleges of Chicago
4300 N. Narragansett Avenue
Chicago, IL 60634
(p) 773-481-8227
(f) 773-481-8083

Winter 2015

HC 154 - Race and Ethnic Relations (CLASSID: 20249)
with Anghesom Atsbaha (and Abra Johnson, Truman Faculty)
Choose three competencies: H2A, H4, H5, A3C, FX
Meets Alternate Saturdays, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Jan. 24, Feb. 7 at Truman
Feb. 21, Mar. 7, Mar. 28, Apr. 18, and May 2 at DPU Loop
No classes on Sat., March 21st and Sat., April 4th  (University closed)

AI 234 - Visualizing Latin America (Hybrid-Need Lab) – (CLASSID: 20250)
with Michael Reynolds (and Polly Hoover, Wright faculty)
Choose three competencies: A5, H5, A1X, S5
Meets Alternate Saturdays, 9AM-2PM
January 17, 31 | Wright
Feb. 14, Feb. 28, and March 14 | DPU Loop

Fall 2014

International Relations (Political Science 204 PRY)
with Anghesom Atsbaha and Dennis Skentzis
Register for three competencies: A4, H1C, H2E, H5, FX
Mondays, September 15–December 8, 5:45–9:05 p.m.
September 15, 22 at Truman College     
September 29–December 8 at DePaul University, Loop Campus

This course will examine the role of nation-states, international organizations like the United Nations, international law, international crimes court, treaties, and root causes and functions of war and peace in the making of foreign policies that have shaped and reshaped the relationships among nations. We also will focus on the ethics of a number of issues and practices in international relations ranging from global inequality, the promotion of human rights, foreign aid, immigration/forced deportation and humanitarian intervention to terrorism, genocide, war crimes and the use of torture.
Introductory Statistics (MATH 125 TVY)
with Pervez Rahman and Steven Ripes
Register for two competencies: L6, FX and S2X
Tuesdays, September 9–December 9, 5:45–9:40 p.m.
September 9, 16 | Truman College             
September 23–December 9 | DePaul University, Loop Campus

This course will begin with an overview on statistics. The class focus is on graphical presentation of data and various numerical descriptive measures used to analyze data.  Also included in the learning is the use of Inferential Statistics as it applies it to sampling theory, confidence intervals for means and proportions, and tests of hypothesis. Finally, the class will learn how linear regression can be used to find a predictor model.  The class sessions include lecture, discussion and collaborative learning, and use of statistical software for data analysis.  L6 and S1X competences are offered through this course.
Man and Environment I (ENVR ST 101 PRY)
with Raymund Torralba and Mahesh Gurung
Register for three competencies: S1A, S3C, S4, L3
Wednesdays, September 17–December 10, 5:45–9:05 p.m.
September 17, 24 | Truman College     
October 1–December 9 | DePaul University, Loop Campus

This course focuses on the interdisciplinary study of humans, the environment, and their interrelationships. It includes natural resources and processes, growth and change, values, and individual responsibility and civic engagement. It will explore the complex relationship of the individual to urban systems and of urban systems to the world environment. Emphasis will be given to the ecology of metropolitan Chicago, engaging and challenging students to propose and advocate for programs and policies that bring about a more sustainable city… "What could a sustainable metropolitan Chicago look like? What are you willing to do to achieve that ideal?" Writing assignments and field work, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. 
Note:You must register and are financially responsible for all three competencies.  You must attend courses at both locations.

Campus Addresses
Each course begins meeting at the City College and then at DePaul's Loop campus. Please note courses extend beyond the end of the registered DePaul quarter. 

Truman College is located at 1145 West Wilson Avenue and on major bus and El routes. Free parking is available. 
Wright College is located at 4300 North Narragansett Avenue and on major bus and El routes. Free parking is available.
For directions and maps to the City Colleges, see

For more information about the Adult Bridge courses and scholarships, email or (312) 362-5193.

What Students Say About The Bridge Program

“One of the highlights of [a Bridge class] was the diversity of the students in the class . . . . Through the reflections and opinions of others in the class, I got a great sense of how unique each intellect was. This was even true of the two professors through their teaching styles and personalities.”

“I liked having two very different perspectives from the professors.”

“This Bridge Program made me realize that we are all in this for the same thing – to further ourselves through education, and we all bring our unique contributions to the learning process.”

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